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What Are the Advantages of Laser Scanning Galvanometer?

The laser scanning galvanometer has stable scanning characteristics and a very high scanning rate. During scanning, the control panel on the computer displays the data signal, and drives the electronic optical scanning head according to the driving amplifying circuit to obtain detailed scanning results. Therefore, today's professional laser scanning galvanometers are widely used in laser marking, laser engraving and other manufacturing industries. Let's take a look at the advantages of laser scanning galvanometers.

1. High electro-optical conversion rate of laser scanning galvanometer

The electro-optical conversion rate is a key indicator value that determines the high efficiency of laser scanning galvanometer scanning. The higher the conversion rate, the greater the scanning speed and precision. Reputable laser scanning galvanometer manufacturers are used to improve the electro-optical conversion rate. High-quality solid fiber resonators can achieve higher electro-optical conversion rates under the passive cooling scheme, which not only significantly reduces the consumption of electromagnetic energy, but also improves the scanning quality.

2. Strong production capacity of laser scanning galvanometer

Laser galvanometer scanners can provide pulse kinetic energy of several joules or even tens of joules under the pulse width standard of microseconds or even ms. Therefore, high-quality laser scanning galvanometers have high average power and pulse repetition rate, and have relatively Strong production capacity, so the production processing rate and productivity of machinery and equipment can be reasonably improved after application.

3. The operation mode of the laser scanning galvanometer can be converted

In addition to rapidly increasing and decreasing the output power level, the laser scanning galvanometer can also switch from the pulse mode to the continuous operation mode online. In addition, it can also simulate the control of the internal pulse generator, so as to complete the required special applications. Optimum timing and pulse shape, so that the laser pulse width, pulse kinetic energy and average power can be controlled simultaneously when processing complex parts and their extremely sensitive raw materials.

The above three levels are the advantages of laser scanning galvanometers. With the continuous development trend and improvement of laser technology, laser scanning has become more and more common in different manufacturing industries. The laser scanning galvanometer introduced in detail today is a common application equipment. Depending on the effective application, the quality of the processing of different materials can be improved.

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