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The 2023 Grand Ceremony of Han's Scanner

The rabbit brings prosperity to thousands of households, while the dragon brings auspiciousness to the nine realms.

To celebrate the fruitful achievements of the previous stage

and to herald the beginning of a new chapter in the next stage,

on January 5, 2024,

the Dahua Sirti Year-end Gala and Awards Ceremony kicked off.

Please follow in the footsteps of Han's Scanner

and join us in reviewing the wonderful moments of the annual meeting!


Speech by the general manager


General Manager Ding of Han's Scanner conducted a comprehensive summary of the achievements in 2023. The company has maintained a good development momentum in 2023, which is inseparable from the hard work of all employees. We would like to express our gratitude to every Han's Scanner family member for their selfless dedication and relentless efforts!


Looking ahead to 2024, General Manager Ding calls on every member to forge ahead, continue to explore and innovate, cultivate the market, and demand strict self-discipline to demonstrate Han's Scanner’s strength and responsibility.


Glory Hour

A developing company cannot do without role models. In the past year’s struggle, they have shown responsibility, commitment, and growth. We appreciate everyone’s hard work and thank every diligent and dedicated fighter.

Some of the awards








New Year, new journey.

In 2024, we will

gather the new strength and embrace the light!

Ride the waves and create brilliance once again!

Finally,we Wish You:

Good luck and good health in the Year of the Dragon!

Good luck at work and happy family!

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