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Detailed Introduction of Two Types of Laser Galvo Mirrors

The principle of galvo mirror is that when an input positional signal is given, the motor (laser galvanometer) swings a certain angle according to a certain voltage and angle conversion ratio. The entire process uses closed-loop feedback control, with five control circuits, including position sensors, error amplifiers, power amplifiers, position discriminators, and current integrators, working together. The principle of digital laser galvanometer is to convert analog signals into digital signals based on the principle of analog laser galvanometer.

The scanning laser galvanometer is the core component of the laser marking machine, and the performance of the marking machine mainly depends on the performance of the scanning laser galvanometer. Galvo mirror is an important component that affects the performance of laser marking machines, and there are two types of galvanometers: digital laser galvanometer and scanning laser galvanometer. Below we will explore these two types of laser marking machine accessories in detail.


Digital the laser galvo

The current use of galvo mirror belongs to analog galvanometers, and the implementation mainly uses analog devices. Because analog devices are easily affected by electromagnetic radiation in the surrounding environment, there may be phenomena such as scattered points, curved lines, and irregular filling patterns during use. The speed of the analog galvanometer is relatively slow compared to foreign ones, and the small step response time is above 300um. The digital laser galvanometer uses digital signals for motor control, which can effectively suppress environmental interference and can still function normally even in an environment with severe electromagnetic interference.


Scanning the laser galvo

The high-speed scanning laser galvo system is a high-performance rotary motor specially designed for optical scanning applications. The motor part uses a high-precision position sensor and is mainly used for rapid and accurate positioning of beams. High-speed laser galvanometers are the crystallization of many years of development and production experience in industrial laser galvanometer scanning systems. The motor specially designed for lens load can achieve the ideal scanning performance. The bearing part is specially designed to be able to handle long-term continuous operation. The special design of the bearing can make the system achieve the highest dynamic performance and resonance characteristics. The internationally leading digital control method can effectively avoid various electromagnetic interference in the work environment, and the advanced control algorithm can ensure faster response speed of the system.

The photoelectric sensor used by the high-speed scanning laser galvo has high resolution and very good repeatability, as well as very small drift. The motor has heating devices and temperature sensors, and it can still work stably in case of environmental fluctuations. In summary, high-speed scanning laser galvanometers can ensure long-term stable operation.

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