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A highly Efficient Soldering - Galvo Laser Welding

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, electronic and digital products are becoming increasingly prevalent. Within this realm, the components of these products often involve soldering, from the main components of PCB boards to the smallest crystal oscillator elements, all requiring precision soldering techniques.


Currently, in the electronics industry, there are two primary methods for wire-to-PCB soldering: HotBar (thermocompression soldering) and soldering with an electric iron. Both methods, however, suffer from manual operation, complex processes, low yields, and inefficiencies.


To enhance soldering efficiency and yield, we recommend a novel method that utilizes galvo laser welding for soldering applications.


Revolutionizing Soldering with Galvo Laser Welding

Laser Soldering Principles

As a rapidly advancing soldering technology in recent years, laser soldering offers a more sophisticated approach compared to traditional soldering processes. Laser soldering involves the direct interaction of light with materials, causing them to melt and weld—termed "surface heat release." This process boasts extremely rapid heating, in contrast to the slow heating of HotBar soldering through "heat transfer" via a thermal head.


Galvo Laser Welding Process

  • PCB board and wire pre-tinning

  • Clamping

  • Laser irradiation

Galvo Laser Welding, a primary form of laser soldering, features one-time operations, allowing for the automatic completion of soldering with a single material clamping. This approach demonstrates broad applicability compared to other soldering methods.


Advantages of Galvo Laser Welding

Compared to traditional soldering processes, galvo laser welding offers clear advantages:



Consider a USB data cable used for connecting computers and external devices or charging smartphones. This seemingly simple data cable involves precise soldering of stainless steel shielding shells and USB connectors, with small soldering locations.


Galvo laser welding presents significant advantages such as high welding speed, precision, stable quality, ease of operation, and simple maintenance. It aligns well with the high-capacity demands of contemporary society and is particularly suitable for the laser precision spot welding of various components.


Furthermore, galvo laser welding finds applications in wire connectors, PCB circuit boards, optical components, acoustic components, semiconductor cooling devices, and other electronic components soldering.


Utilizing a galvanometer welding head for soldering ensures that the electronic components within the soldering area remain undamaged. This method offers deep soldering, narrow surface width, high welding strength, fast speed, and features like contactless welding, an extremely small heat-affected zone, and controllable solder joint temperature. It is exceptionally suitable for the electronics industry (adaptable to solder joint sizes: Φ0.2mm~1.5mm), guaranteeing the durability, reliability, and shielding effectiveness of products like smartphone data cables.

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