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Raycus Laser And Han's Scanner Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement Of Galvanometer

On March 18th, in the Exhibition booth of Raycus laser at Shanghai Optical Fair in Munich, Luo Yao, sales director of Raycus laser low-power products, and Liang Mingbo, sales director of Han's Scanner, signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Raycus Laser and Han's Scanner of Marking Galvanometers. The signing was witnessed by Ding Bing, general manager of Han's Scanner, and Li Jie, deputy general manager of Raycus Laser.Both parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of laser marking, jointly develop and upgrade new products, and commit to providing customers with more precise and cost-effective laser galvanometer products.

As a subsidiary of Han's Laser, Han's Scanner has the leading influence in the field of laser marking, and its galvanometer products also have a high market share.Raycus laser, as the leading enterprise of domestic laser light source, aims to provide customers in the field of laser marking with better products and convenient service.

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