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Types of Laser Scanner Heads

The laser scanner head is an essential component in the world of scanning technology. It plays a crucial role in converting physical objects into digital form with high precision and accuracy. Hansscanner, a leading brand in the industry, offers a variety of laser scanner heads that cater to different scanning needs. In this blog, we will explore the types of laser scanner heads offered by Hansscanner.

Fixed laser scanner head

The fixed laser scanner head is a popular choice for many scanning applications. It is stationary and operates by moving the object being scanned under the laser beam. This type of laser scanner head is ideal for scanning small to medium-sized objects with high detail and resolution. Hansscanner's fixed laser scanner head is known for its accuracy and reliability, making it a preferred choice for industrial and commercial scanning applications.

Handheld laser scanner head

If you require mobility and flexibility in your scanning tasks, the handheld laser scanner head is the perfect solution. Hansscanner's handheld laser scanner head allows you to easily scan objects of varying sizes and shapes, giving you the freedom to move around and capture detailed scans from different angles. This type of laser scanner head is ideal for applications such as 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and quality control.

Portable laser scanner head

The portable laser scanner head combines the best of both worlds - the flexibility of a handheld scanner with the precision of a fixed scanner. This type of laser scanner head is equipped with advanced technology that allows you to capture high-resolution scans without compromising on accuracy. Hansscanner's portable laser scanner head is lightweight and easy to use.

Long-range laser scanner head

For scanning large objects or areas that require scanning from a distance, the long-range laser scanner head is the perfect choice. Hansscanner's long-range laser scanner head is capable of capturing detailed scans from a distance of up to several meters. This type of laser scanner head is equipped with powerful optics and sensors that ensure accurate and reliable scans even at long distances.

In conclusion, Hansscanner offers a diverse range of laser scanner heads to cater to different scanning needs. Whether you require a fixed, handheld, portable, or long-range laser scanner head, Hansscanner has you covered with their high-quality and reliable products. With Hansscanner's laser scanner heads, you can trust that your scanning tasks will be completed with precision and efficiency.

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