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Notes For Laser Lens Replacement

Laser cutting machine is a kind of high-precision mechanical equipment, and its user process requirements are relatively strict. Among them, a very critical component that affects the effect of laser cutting is the laser lens. 

I. What Is Laser Lens Replacement?

If your laser lens is used for a long time, it will drop film, metal splashes, dents, scratches, etc., and its function will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in order to better play the role of the laser cutting machine, we need to replace the focusing lens of the laser cutting machine in time.

II. How To Replace Laser Lens 

1. Please wash your hands before operation. It is best to wash your hands with soap or detergent, which is a good habit before the normal operation of the cutting machine lens. Do not touch the lens directly with your bare hands. Please wear special gloves to prevent fingerprints from staying on the lens and affecting the accuracy.

2. Place the lens stably to prevent the lens from falling and damaging. At the same time, pay attention to the convex surface of the lens and place it flat on a stable and clean table. Meanwhile, check whether there is any litter on the desktop, so as not to confuse or affect the operating environment of the lens.

3. Protect the lens of the laser cutting machine from moisture. Do not use traditional blowing methods to wipe the lens, let alone use hot air to blow the lens, so as to avoid damaging the lens due to sudden thermal change. The lens has high precision, so the temperature and humidity need to be strictly controlled to avoid affecting the protective film and optical elements on the lens surface.

4. After the laser cutting machine lens is assembled, pay attention to the cleaning and dust removal of the lens. It is best to use a clean air spray gun for cleaning, rather than an ordinary spray gun.

5. The lens of the cutting machine must be kept absolutely clean. Do not touch the surface of the lens directly with your hands. At the same time, other non-designated items shall be strictly prevented from directly contacting the lens surface. When cleaning and maintaining the lens, gently pull it left and right side with professional wiping paper to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.

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