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Laser Scanning Galvanometer: Which Parts Require Regular Inspection?

Laser scanning galvanometers are devices on laser marking machines. They can increase the production quality and efficiency of marking machines, which in turn can increase economic benefits for businesses and improve brand image. However, regular maintenance checks are necessary when using laser scanning galvanometers. So, which parts should be checked?

Regularly Checked Components of the laser scanning galvanometer

Check the Reflecting Mirror

Reflection and focusing mirrors generate the optical path system for laser scanning galvanometers. In this optical path system, focusing mirrors won't experience any offsetting. However, the three reflecting mirrors are mounted through mechanical components, which may cause some degree of offsetting with increased use. Therefore, it is critical to carefully examine the reflective mirrors in the optical path system during regular maintenance checks. If offsetting is discovered, it must be corrected.

Check the Fastening Components

After the operating system of the laser scanning galvanometer has been in use for some time, the fastening components such as screws and couplings in the equipment's movement connections will become loose. This can adversely affect the machine's mechanical movement during laser scanning. Therefore, during operation, the operating personnel must closely observe for any unusual noise or phenomena in the transmission components. If any problems are found, they must be reinforced and maintained promptly. Meanwhile, it is necessary to use specialized tools to tighten each screw during regular maintenance checks.

Check the Fan

After running for an extended time, there may be a significant accumulation of solid dust inside the fan of the laser scanning galvanometer. It can create significant noise, hinder exhaust, and odor removal. Thus, when performing regular checks, it's critical to examine the fan's condition. If there is insufficient suction, or the exhaust is not smooth, the intake and outlet pipes of the fan must be removed, and the dust must be cleared out.

Because laser scanning galvanometers are precision equipment with a significant role in laser marking machines, businesses should carefully select devices produced by reputable laser scanning galvanometer manufacturers. If there are any problems in the use and maintenance process, contact laser scanning galvanometer suppliers and ask for a solution. They must also conduct regular maintenance checks during use, with the examined components being those mentioned above.

Daily maintenance of the laser scanning galvanometer

Effective maintenance of the laser scanning galvanometers involves ensuring adequate heat dissipation. Therefore, when installing specialized laser scanning galvanometers, care must be taken not to place the air inlet and outlet too close to the housing. A certain amount of space should be left for the air to circulate. Additionally, a heat dissipation fan should be installed inside the chassis, and air conditioning should be used to reduce the ambient temperature in case of temperature increases. These measures can help the laser mirrors dissipate heat efficiently during operation, thus avoiding adverse impacts from high temperatures. During daily maintenance, it is also essential to clean the dust off the laser scanning galvanometers and use an air blower to remove the dust from the inlet and outlet of the laser galvanometer. Meanwhile, it is necessary to clean the dust filter on the chassis to prevent the air inlet of the device from getting congested with dust, thus impacting the heat dissipation of the galvanometer scanner.

If there is any dirt on the lenses of the laser scanning galvo system that needs to be cleaned, avoid blowing directly with a mouth. Since the gas exhaled by humans contains oil and water, it can further contaminate the lens. It is better to use a specialized ear syringe to blow the lens until there are no particles remaining on the surface of the lens. Then, use a specialized lab-grade cotton swab dipped in acetone or alcohol to gently wipe the lens. If using lens paper, fold it into small squares and use four fingers to hold it, then moisten it before gently wiping along the coating lines of the scanning galvanometer lens.

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