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Application of the Galvo Scanner in Three-Dimensional Laser Welding

The development of laser application technology is getting faster and involves more and more fields. Like other technologies, laser technology is closely integrated with computer and automation technology, and develops rapidly together. The advent of the galvanometer era has once again brought about a leap in the development of laser scanning, with a significant improvement in speed and precision. This has stimulated the original tool industry, while also opening up the market for industries that previously could not use laser processing due to high precision requirements. With the continuous increase in industrial demand, two-dimensional planar welding can no longer meet the current market demand, and the era of three-dimensional galvo scanning systems has arrived.

Advantages of 3D laser galvo scanning system

Compared with X-Y plane laser scanning system, the 3D laser scanning galvanometer system has obvious advantages:

High scanning speed

The galvanometer scanning instrument can achieve a large range of laser movement through the slight angle deviation of the galvanometer;

High positioning accuracy

The use of position sensors and the design concept of negative feedback circuit ensures the accuracy of the system;

Low noise

The galvanometer rotates almost silently;

Not in direct contact with the working environment, the entire system can be located outside the material being processed;

Large adjustable focal length range, can quickly complete the three-dimensional welding of products;

Can weld difficult-to-weld materials

Laser galvanometer welding is mainly controlled by a computer control system, which can weld workpieces that are difficult to weld manually.

The application of three-dimensional laser galvo welding technology in various practical applications

For example, Volkswagen has already implemented laser beams along the weld seam in a circular motion. This new technology is called "laser stirring welding", which stirs the welding pool through the spiral forward movement of the laser, which can increase the volume of the welding pool, making the laser welding seam able to cover a larger gap. In addition, laser jumping in three-dimensional space is also used in the welding of car cabins: Figeac-Aero, an automotive parts supplier, applies lasers to accurate and fast welding of car seat backs at different heights, thanks to the technology of laser points that can jump flexibly and quickly in three-dimensional space.

The key to this three-dimensional jumping function lies in the 3D galvo scanning system. The 3D scanning galvanometer system is based on the original two-dimensional (X, Y-axis) galvanometer system, and adds a pre-focusing lens that moves in the Z-axis direction. This allows the laser focus to move freely and smoothly in the x, y, and z directions on the workpiece, enabling welding on different high planes and hard-to-reach areas, making laser welding more flexible and efficient. With the development of two-dimensional galvanometer welding system to three-dimensional galvanometer welding system, we believe that laser scanning galvanometer will have a more extensive and universal application in future industrial production.

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