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3-axis Scanner Software for Laser Scanner Galvanometers

There are also stricter regulations for laser applications in the market today, such as fiber laser cutting, hand engraving, surface treatment and laser additive manufacturing. Various commercial laser generators are used in this demanding use, enhancing the material's manufacturing process. The development of excellent optical transmission systems, such as laser scanner galvanometers developed according to the development trend of the basic principles of galvanometers, is also suitable for such main purposes.

1. The laser scanner galvanometer is a high-quality vector material scanning element

This method is a unique swaying motor, the basic concept of which is to insert an electromagnetic coil to generate torque in an electromagnetic field, but it is different from a rotating motor in that a calibrated torque is added to the motor rotor according to the torsion spring or electronic components of the mechanical device, The size is positively related to the offset balance position of the motor rotor. When the electromagnetic coil is connected to a certain amount of current, the correction torque generated on the motor rotor is positively related to the offset balance position of the motor rotor. At flow, the torque on the motor rotor is proportional to the offset angle between the motor rotors.

2. The basic principle of laser scanner galvanometer three-axis scanner

Behind the spotlight, because the glasses of the galvo scanner are located behind the spotlight. Using the rear focus point scanner technology, the scanner system software enables higher specification scanners, smaller focus points, and higher laser output power installed. After the laser with this structure passes through the dynamic beam expander and focusing eyepiece, it is again visualized in the overall target plane view.

The key problems with the software of the three-axis scanner system are the two-dimensional surface layers that are not suitable for the large scanner width, focusing mirror and dual-axis scan head. Due to the price factors of diversification and large-format scanning lenses in the field of large scanners, the application of dual-axis scanning galvanometers is becoming more and more out of reality.

In the three-axis system software, the condenser lens is placed in front of the head of the scanning galvanometer, so that the laser scanner galvanometer does not depend on the specifications of the optoelectronic equipment. The positional relationship between the dynamic focus point control module and the focus point eyepiece is used to determine the focus point working time distance. Since the mid-range distance of the job is the range of the decision scanner, the longer the mid-work distance, the larger the range of the scanner.

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